John Zorn's Filmworks series are collections of scores he wrote for films, documentaries, and television ads. They are being released on his Tzadik label, and there are currently eight installments in the series. These albums are also interesting peeks into the inspiration for Zorn's pieces. Some of the ensembles assembled for these scores went onto have longer lives; Masada and the Redbird groups both have their first recordings in the Filmworks series. They also highlight the many aspects of his work: an all percussion soundtrack for a gay porn and melodic songs for a Jewish documentary placed on the same discin Filmworks VIII, although one gets the feeling Zorn delights in showing off how eclectic he is. Regardless, these are great introductory albums to Zorn's work, and some of the best material he has written. Filmworks VII and VIII are essentially listening for anyone into Zorn.

Filmworks 1986-1990 Filmworks II
Filmworks III (1990-1995) Filmworks IV
Filmworks V (Tears of Ecstasy)
Filmworks VI (1996) Filmworks VII: Cynical Hysterie Hour
Filmworks VIII
Filmworks IX: Trembling Before G-D

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