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    dave douglas
    temple of worship to the boredoms
    boredoms eye, ear, nose and throat page
    peter blasser
    Haino Keiji
    Japan Free Improvisors
    Fred Frith

music venues
    tonic, nyc
    fandango, osaka
    speak in tongues, cleveland
    experimental music in the Kansai area

    Oberlin Student Cooperative Association
    North American Students of Cooperation
    U of California, Berkeley Co-ops

music and books (all independant, local or unionized)
    Powells Books - fuck amazon.
    the Downtown Music Gallery
    Forced Exposure

and if you're every in Fairfield County in southwest Connecticut, check out Sally's Place on Main Street in Westport. Sally's tiny little nook not only has the best jazz selection in all of Connecticut, it also has Sally, who knows EVERYTHING about music, and can introduce you to stuff you'll like just after talking to you for a few minutes.

    independant media center
    the School of the America's Watch
    association of state green parties
    Ruckus Society
    bell hooks
    rape recovery
    Climate Change

    the onion
    william carlos williams
    Bob the Angry Flower
    exploding dog : films of director Miyazaki Hayao
    Robot Frank

    Song Fight! ,  : These sites rock! Extensive sex positive info on masturbation and sexual health.
    Drew : Must be seen to be believed. I especially enjoy 'Drew's Sprightly Forum'.