music for the films of bUSTER kEATON:
Go West
1. Down on Luck (4:11)
2. Box Car (:57)
3. Busy Street Scene (:44)
4. Go West (1:00)
5. Train (3:06)
6. Brown Eyes (4:21)
7. Saddle Up! (2:41)
8. First Aid (:51)
9. Bullfight (2:25)
10. Wolves (3:14)
11. New Day (5:27)
12. Branded (1:20)
13. Eats (1:13)
14. Splinter Scene (2:33)
15. Cattle Drive (4:36)
16. Card Game (5:05)
17. Ambush (4:02)
18. Passing through Pasadena (1:52)
19. To the Streets (3:11)
20. Tap Dancer and Confusion (6:42)
21. Devil Suit (2:08)
22. Cops and Firemen (3:58)
23. That a Boy! (1:31)
24. I Want Her (2:13)

    A masterpiece. This was my first Bill Frisell album, and is still my favorite. It remains one of the most distilled, beautiful, and moving albums I have ever heard. Frisell, Kermit Driscoll and Joey Baron create an entire world on this album, lonely but hopeful vignettes that evoke an entire range of emotions. Frisell composed a few simple themes that shift from mournful to angry. Over these simple themes Driscoll's bass lows deeply and Baron employs an arsenal of colors with his trademark schizophrenic pops, clicks, and rolls. They underpin the furtive guitar playing of Frisell, who also uses loops and effects to augment the simple melodies. The interplay on this album seems almost telepathic, the work of one mind instead of three. This is not so much a collection of songs as a seventy minute piece, with recurring themes. This is an incredible album, highly recomended.
    The songs on this album were made to accompany the Buster Keaton film Go West.  For anyone unfamiliar with Keaton, he was a silent film actor whose physical comedy was absolutely brilliant. True to the subject matter of the film, the songs have a country/folk tinge.
Bill Frisell: acoustic and electric guitars
Kermit Driscoll: acoustic and electric basses
Joey Baron: drums and percussion
Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco (1994?)

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