Here's a sampling of the art that got Zorn in trouble. The artist is Suehiro Maruo, a Japanese manga artist whose output is often quite violent. Whether these images contribute to a negative view of Japanese or Asians in general is hard to say. Zorn did not place them in a context that indicated these were representative of general Japanese values, they were simply included, without comment, as part of Naked City's cover art. That such decontextualized images might enhance or promote violence against Asians and Asian-Americans is more indicative of our racist society than any fault of the artist's or Zorn's. While I am not personally a big fan of Maruo's work (I find it too misogynistic to be comfortable with) I don't think that his art should be censored simply because some racist people may bolster their views with his work.

In addition, the cover art of two of Naked City's records, Torture Garden and Leng Tch'e, led to their being pulled from the shelves of some record stores. These two albums, and the art, was rereleased by Tzadik as Naked City Black Box.

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