Val de Travers
Une Correspondance
La Fee Verte
Fleurs du Mal
Artemisia Absinthium
Notre Dame de l'Oubli (for Olivier Messiaen)
Verlaine, Pt. 1 : Un Midi Moins Dix
Verlaine, Pt. 2 : La Bleue
...Rend Fou

For Naked City's final release, Zorn eschewed the aggressive, quick cuts of their earlier work and explored an album of textures and perfumed. Inspired by turn of the century French culture, the album explores textures and moods, approuching a style, if not a form, that is not unlike Debussy, Satie or Messiaen. There is nary a beat or melody to be discerned here, just fragrantly floating clouds of sound.

John Zorn / Bill Frisell \ Fred Frith / Wayne Horvitz \ Joey Baron

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