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John Zorn Links
Tzadik Homepage : Zorn's Record Label
Zorn's Discography : Zorn's online discography
The European Jazz Network Bio on Zorn
John Zorn At The Knitting Factory 1993 : Notes from Zorn's 40th birthday at the Knitting Factory shows, some great anecdotes.
Join the Zorn Mailing List : A discussion group about Zorn and other experimental and downtown musicians.
Back Issues of the Zorn Mailing List

Fan Pages
Unfortunately a lot of the fan sites on Zorn that were up when I started this page a few years ago have dissapeared. Email me at if you have a site or know of any sites.

The John Zorn Web Site: Biography and Discography
: This is an excellent fan site on Zorn with insightful commentary and much more up to date album information than my slowly aging site.

Dann Brown's Zorn page : This page has several essays on Zorn.

An excellent Masada site
Related Sites of Interest

The Downtown Music Gallery : Fuck Amazon, this is the best place to order any Zorn album. Owner Bruce Lee Gallanter knows just about all there is to know about Zorn and his recorded output. He also has the best prices I know of for the usually pricey Masada albums. This is also the best place to get anything related to the New York experimental music scene.

Forced Exposure has a truly astonishing number of experimental records of all kinds available online.

Tonic is probably the best club for experimental music in New York City right now. Zorn plays there quite a bit, and just about any night you go will be inexpensive (for New York) and interesting.

The Knitting Factory. The McDonald's of experimental music, the Knitting Factory is four stages, four bars and a whole lot of New York City hipster attitudeness wrapped into a small downtown building below TriBeCa. Sometimes annoying and hectic, you can't deny just how much music goes on here and how much space there is for experimental musicians of all kinds. Oh yes, and they are now a chain, with a space in (gasp) Hollywood.

Yoshiyuki Suzuki's Improvised Music from Japan has a lot of information on the new wave of improvising artists creating music in Japan right now.

The European Free Improvisors page has an incredible amount of information on the European experimental scene.

Tamizdat is a group out of Eastern Europe that promotes experimental music of all kinds.
Record Labels
Accurate Records : Russ Gershon's (Westport baby!) label, they released Medeski, Martin and Wood's first (and best) album, Notes From the Underground. They also carry the whole catalogue of Gershon's either/orchestra.
Arabesque Records : Excellent jazz label.
Depth of Field Records : Bobby Previte's label.
Enja Records : A label specializing in improvised music.
Hathut Records : Swedish Label has a very large catalogue of improvised musics.
Incus Records : Derek Bailey's independant British label.
Knitting Factory Works : The label component of the downtown club/label/bar/amusement park that dominates the NYC music scene.
Screwgun Homepage : Zorn collaborator Tim Berne's label.
Songlines Recordings : Label specializing in downtown artists.
Soul Note/Black Saint Recordings : Great jazz label with an enormous and varied catalogue.

Musicians and Composers
Joey Baron : Drummer on many a Zorn project, including both Naked City and Masada, Joey Baron has played with just about everybody.
Tim Berne : Another NYC ex-pat, Tim Berne makes synapse tingling free jazz to knock your collective socks off.
Jim Black : Drummer Jim Black.
The Boredoms: Just about the most amazing rock band in the world. Singer Yamatsuka Eye and Zorn have collaborated many times, from Naked City to the noise album Nani Nani and the bizarre Mystic Fugu orchestra.
Dave Douglas: The trumpet player's excellent homepage with information on his many bands and projects, plus interviews and tourdates (including Masada!).
Ellery Eskelin : Saxophonist and composer Ellery Eskelin.
Erik Friedlander : Cellist Erik Friedlander's page.
Bill Frisell : Guitarist from Naked City, now a succesful band leader and composer.
Fred Frith : Composer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith has played with Zorn for quite some time. He was the bassist for Naked City, and is on The Big Gundown, many Filmworks discs, and others. He is one of the most incredible performers I have ever seen.
Haino Keiji : Part of the older generation of experimental Japanese musicians, Haino Keiji makes dark and beautifully music that sounds unlike anything I've ever heard.
Wayne Horvitz : The keyboardist from Naked City, Wayne Horvitz is also the leader of Pigpen, Zony Mash, and a frequent collaborator/producer of Seattle based Bill Frisell.
John Medeski : Organ/piano player John Medeski has hit the big time with his funk trio Medeski, Martin and Wood but he is also a frequent collaborator of Zorn's.
Otomo Yoshihide : Turntablist and guitarist Otomo Yoshihide was the main creative influence behind Ground Zero and is now pursuing many other projects, from the noise improv of Filament to Hong Kong soundtrack work.
Bobby Previte : Played with Zorn more in the 1980's on his studio projects like The Big Gundown and his soundtracks of the time. More recently, he recorded a duet album with Zorn and the phenomenal Downtown Lullaby with Zorn, Wayne Horvitz and Elliot Sharp.
Marc Ribot : Guitarist Marc Ribot is a member of Zorn's Bar Kokhba, and is featured on many Filmworks releases.
Josh Roseman : Has played with just about everybody, from Dave Douglas to Cibo Matto to Dead Prez, not to mention co-founding Groove Collective.
Elliot Sharp : Downtown experimentalist, composer and guitarist Elliot Sharp.
Brad Shepik : Guitarist Brad Shepik.
Chris Speed : great young tenor player.
Fred Tompkins : St. Louis based composer Fred Tompkins' site.

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