Filmworks VIII

Filmworks eight contains two very different scores to very different films. The first eleven tracks were composed for "Port of Last Resort" a documentary on Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai from Nazi Germany. These comprise part of the Masada songbook, and they are performed by members of the Bar Kokhba ensemble and pipa player Min Xiao-Fen, who adds a distinctly new sound to these Masada tracks. The tracks sound very similar to Bar Kokhba, but they do possess an eerie quality added Min Xiao-Fen. These are some of the best tracks from any Masada CD, and a great way to get into the Bar Kokhba project.

Mark Feldman - violin
Marc Ribot - guitars
Erik Friedlander - cello
Min Xiao-Fen - pipa
Greg Cohen - bass
Anthony Coleman - piano

The second half of the CD is Zorn's never used all-percussion score for the gay porno "Latin Boys Go To Hell." True to the subject matter, the music is eerie, erotic, and a little disturbing. Kenny Wolleson and Cyro Baptista create an impressive array of sounds between them, but the all percussion score does sound a little lost without the movie. It makes good background music though.

Cyro Baptista - percussion
Kenny Wolleson - drums, vibes, percussion.

Click here for Zorn's liner notes on this album.

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