Filmworks VII:
Cynical Hysterie Hour

Before Zorn acquired the rights to Cynical Hysterie Hour from CBS/Sony and released it on his Tzadik label, it was one of the most sought after titles in his discography, having previously been released in Japan for only a few months. In addition, the seventh Filmworks is some of Zorn's freshest and most captivating music. The album is a collection of four soundtracks Zorn did for Japanese animator Kiriko Kubo's short cartoons. The results are awesome, a music that conveys the weird logic of cartoons without ever becoming too sappy. This is one of Zorn's best albums, really really good stuff. Highly recomended.

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Kiriko Kubo - vocal
Bill Frisell - electric guitar and acoustic guitar, banjo
Robert Quine - electric guitar
Marc Ribot - electric guitar, banjo
Arto Lindsay - electric guitar
Carol Emanuel - harp
Jill Jaffe - violin, viola
Maxine Neuman - cello
Peter Scherer - keyboards
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards
Christian Marclay - turntables
Ikue Mori - drum machine
Kermit Driscoll - acoustic and electric bass
David Hofstra - acoustic and electric bass
Cyro Baptista - Brazilian Percussion
Bobby Previte - drums, percussion

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