Filmworks 1986-1990

The first in Zorn's Filmworks series, this disc contains excerpts to the soundtracks from three films, White and Lazy, The Golden Boat, and She Must Be Seeing Things, plus an arrangement of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". These are some of the first films Zorn ever scored, and the results are an excellent progression in his studio work after The Big Gundown. The album is also an excellent introduction to Zorn's 1980's studio work, his "Radio City" period.

There is some good stuff on this album, and although I have certain reservations about the some of the sound (the guitars sound really thin on this album) I always find myself getting sucked into it. I love the score to She Must Be Seeing Things, an moody take on the jazz and blues genres.

Another interesting thing to note, I have heard one of the rockabilly tracks on this album recycled for a recent series of insurance ads. Go figure.

Click here for the liner notes to Filmworks 1986-1990.

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