1. Dark River 8:52
Jim Pugliese - Bass Drums

2. Redbird 41:01
Carol Emanuel - harp
Jill Jaffee - viola
Erik Friedlander - cello
Jim Pugliese - percussion

The album Redbird features two of Zorn's minimalist works for ensemble, Dark River and Redbird. Dark River is a hypnotic piece for solo bass drums, an excellent song to fall asleep or meditate to. Redbird is similarly hypnotic, but it also creates a feeling of perpetual tension. It is a remarkably eerie piece, a set of chords  that float across an empty, spacious bed of silence. Each new chord has some odd relation to the one that preceded it and a new relation to the one that follows. However, I confess that I've never been able to listen to this piece the whole way through, I just don't have the attention span. I would only recomend this for Zorn completists, and anyone into minimalism or music that wants to put you to sleep and feel uneasy at the same time.

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