The Book of Heads
Composed in the summer of 1978 at a time when I was spending almost every day at
      the Metropolitan Museum of Art in search of inspiration, this music was originally
      written for and is dedicated to guitarist Eugene Chadbourne. Meant to GAS him, and
      to stretch his already prodigious virtuosity to even wilder extremes, many of the
      extended techniques used here (toy balloons, talking dolls, mbira keys, wet finger
      whoops) were learned from him and were an integral part of his improvisational
      language at that time. Others are standard to contemporary classical guitar notation
      (body knocks, whisks, bowing, multiple harmonics) and still others were the product
      of my own sick imagination (playing with pencils, rice, pulling strings out of the
      bridge notch).
      Marc Ribot tackles all of these effects with unusual precision and an astouding
      virtuosity, adding his own personal touches to make the music even more beautiful
      than I could have imagined.
                                                                                                                        -John Zorn
                                                                                                                        (From the Tzadik Web Site)

This collection of 35 etudes for solo guitar falls into Zorn's avant-garde style. Sharp and angular, they are essentially structured noise. As the quote above indicates, the sounds produced are bizaare and varied. This album is excellent for anyone into Derek Bailey and Eugene Chadbourne, but it may be a little abstract for most people.

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