Spy vs. Spy
John Zorn  Tim Berne  Mark Dresser  Michael Vatcher  Joey Baron
Play the Music of Ornette Coleman
1. WRU 2:38
2. Chronology 1:08
3. Word for Bird 1:14
4. Good Old Days 2:44
5. The Disguise 1:18
6. Enfant 2:37
7. Rejoicing 1:38
8. Blues Connotation 1:05
9. C&D 3:05
10. Chippie 1:08
11. Peace Warriors 1:20
12. Ecars 2:28
13. Feet Music 4:45
14. Broadway Blues 3:42
15. Space Church 2:28
16. Zig Zag 2:54
17. Mob Job 4:24
"The connection between free jazz and hardcore punk seemed so natural to
me, and it seems to make sense to many today, but back when we were
touring, putting this concept together people didn't know what the fuck was
going on. Drummer Ted Epstein ("Ted Bundy") helped bring the power
level up even more -- in Philly our promoter apologized to the audience
before our gig and the local critic stormed out after the first tune over-turning a table and kicking through a glass door in the process." -John Zorn

Zorn at his loudest. Two maniac drummers (Joey Baron and Michael Vatcher), two wailing saxophonists (John Zorn and Tim Berne) and one kick-ass bass player (Mark Dresser) make up one of Zorn's loudest and most brutal ensembles.

The Ornette Coleman melodies are brilliantly blasted and deconstructed by the twin saxes of Zorn and Berne, and the twin drummers create a mobile bed of noise whose dynamics are fascinating. All their banging is  punctuated by moments of supremely tight playing that complements the jazz melody in an excellently clumsy, overly enthusiastic punk style. This album is a blast for anyone who is interested in unconventional hardcore or unconventional jazz.

John Zorn: alto saxophone
Tim Berne: alto saxophone
Mark Dresser: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Michael Vatcher: drums

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