The Big Gundown
1. The Big Gundown 7:17
2. Peur Sur La Ville 4:08
3. Poverty (Once Upon A Time in America) 3:42
4. Milan Odea 2:57
5. Erotico (The Burglars) 4:17
6. Battle of Algiers 3:43
7. Gui La Testa (Duck, You Sucker!) 5:59
8. Metamorfosi (La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso) 4:25
9. Tre Nel 5000 4:32
10. Once Upon A Time In The West 8:27

This was the album that made Zorn a household name (well, at least among really hip households). Although nine of the ten songs on the album were covers, they all bore the unmistakable touch of a single arranger with a very bold style. They not only cut to the heart of the Morricone songs, they also revealed an original musical mind arranging the pieces. Both Zorn and Morricone are well represented here. This is definitely Zorn's work, from the three electric guitar attack of Fred Frith, Jody Harris and Arto Lindsay on "Milano Odea" to the mural like quality of "The Big Gundown" which is the most visual peace of music I have ever heard.

This album is also an excellent representation of Zorn's 80's studio recordings. These "vertically layered" albums rely heavily on mixing and overdubbing to achieve their caucaphonous, multi-layered sound. They spark the imagination with the various sounds and styles inducing powerful visual images in the listener's imagination.

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Luli Shioli - vocals
Jim Staley - trombone, bass trombone
Bill Frisell - electic guitar
Anthony Coleman - piano, harpsicord, organ, vocals.
David Weinstein - Mirage, microcomputer
Bobby Previte - percussion, tympani, vocals
Jorge Silva - surdo
Claudio Silva - pandeiro
Ciro Baptista - cuica
Daduca Fonseca - caixa
Reinaldo Fernandes - repique
Arto Lindsay - batucada contractor
John Zorn - alto saxophone, saw, vocals, game calls, piano
Orvin Aquart - harmonicas
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Arto Lindsay - electric guitar, vocals
Wayne Horvitz - piano, organ, celeste, electronic keyboards
Bob James - tapes
Anton Fier - drums
Bobby Previte - drums, percussion, tympani
Toots Thielmans - whistling, harmonica
Guy Klucevsek - accordion
Carol Emanuel - harp
Fred Frith - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Jody Harris - electric guitar
Melvin Gibbs - electric bass
Laura Biscotto - sexy Italian vocals
Shelley Hirsch - vocals
Big John Patton - organ
Vicki Bodner - oboe, English horn
Christian Marclay - turntables
Ned Rothenberg. - shakihachi, ocarina, Jew's harp
Michihiro Sato - Tsugaru shamisen
Diamanda Galas - vocals
Vernon Reid - electric guitar
Polly Bradfield - violin
Mark Miller - drums, tympani
Jim Staley - trombone
Robert Quine - electric guitar

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