Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
1. Arto Lindsay & Marc Ribot: Children Of the Revolution
2. Rebecca Moore: Telegram Sam
3. Kramer: Get It On
4. Melvins: Buick MacKane
5. Medeski, Martin & Wood: Groove A Little
6. Lo Galluccio: Cosmic Dancer
7. Fantomas / Mike Patton: Chariot Choogle
8. Tall Dwarfs: Ride A White Swan
9. Chris Cochrane: Rip-Off
10. Gary Lucas: Deboraarobed
11. Eszter Balint: Mambo Sun
12. Vernon Reid: Jeepster
13. Danny Cohen: Lunacy's Back
14. Oren Bloedow: Life's A Gas
15. Sean Lennon & Yuka Honda: Would I Be The One
16. Cake Like: Love Charm
17. Trey Spruance: Scenescof
18. Buckethead: 20th Century Boy
19. Lloyd Cole: Romany Soup

Any of you who are familiar with this site, or who are just looking through it have noticed my trend to not really say anything bad about any of these albums. All of Zorn's output fascinates me. This album, however, is my limit. The album is chock full of bad downtown rockers, using ironic pop and disilusionment with such abandon that the music becomes just one big cynical whine. The only tracks that redeem this album are Arto Lindsay and Marc Ribot's gritty and distorted "Children of the Revolution", the subtle and haunting rendition of "Cosmic Dancer" by singer Lo Gallucio, Kramer's hilarious "Get It On", and the tracks by Cake Like and the Melvins.

I was really dissapointed with Medeski, Martin and Wood, who did their track with all the enthusiasm of a ten year old being dragged off to school. "Groove A Little" was simply plugged into the standard MMW formula, and spit out with an organ solo and a funky drumbeat. Yawn. Tracks that particularly annoyed me on this album is Sean Lennon's cloyingly saccharine attempt to sound like a modern version of his Dad on "Would I Be The One", Buckethead's irritating over-the-top two minute wanker guitar solo intro to the cheesy 80's power rock of  "20th Century Boy", and Danny Cohen's annoying "Lunacy's Back".

Given a second choice, I wouldn't buy this album again, but I'm keeping it because of the aforementioned tracks. Buy it if you really like Lindsay, Cake Like or The Melvins, but don't expect to be pleasantly surprised by the other tracks.

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