Naked City
Naked City
1.Main Titles
2. Sex Games
3. The Brood
4. Sweat, Sperm and Blood
5. Vliet
6. Heretic 1
7. Submission
8. Heretic 2
9. Catacombs
10. Heretic 3
11. My Master, My Slave
12. Saint Jude
13. The Conquerer Worm
14. Domanatrix 5B
15. Back Through the Looking Glass
16. Here Come the 7000 Frogs
17. Slaughterhouse/Chase Sequence
18. Castle Keep
19. Mantra of the Resurrected Shit
20. Trypsicore
21. Fire and Ice (club scene)
22. Crosstalk
23. Copraphagist Rituals
24. Labyrinth

Review by Stephane Berland

Surely the most experimental recording by Naked city. It consists of little improvised pieces by duos or trios from the Naked City line-up. The whole band never plays together. It keeps a certain ?jazz? feeling but the musicians went very far in their experiments. Sure thay had fun doing it. Really this record is TWISTED (even according to Naked City standards!!!!).

Zorn's fans won't be disappointed but I think it's not a good choice to discover the band. A beginner should definitely turn to Naked City or Radio.

John Zorn: alto sax
Bill Frisell: electric guitar
Fred Frith: bass guitar
Wayne Horvitz: keyboards
Joey Baron: drums
Yamatsuka Eye: vocals

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