Masada 9
M   A   S   A   D   A
Chayah 9:33
Karet 1:56
Moshav 6:50
Leshem 4:36
Kochot 5:15
 Meholalot 8:50
Kedushah 6:18
Ner Tamid 4:07
Acharei Mot 9:04
Jachin 5:37

Masada's ninth album is probably my favorite in the entire series. If you have to buy one album by Masada, or by John Zorn for that matter, I would say this would be it. None of the others holds up as consistently to total listening as this one does (although Het and Zayin come close). However, what really makes this album worth getting is Meholalot, which is simply the best Masada track on record. It is an improvisational roller coaster that leaves me shivering every time I hear it. This album is highly recomended.

John Zorn: alto sax
Dave Douglas: trumpet
Greg Cohen: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded at Avatar NYC on April 21, 1997

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