M   A   S   A   D   A
Shechem 11:25
Elilah 4:38
Kodashim 4:40
Halom 2:00
Ne'Eman 9:56
Abed-Nego 7:14
Tohorot 4:39
Mochin 6:37
Amarim 4:28
Khebar 4:40

As the stream of Masada albums continues to flow, Zorn's writing skills haven't dwindled a bit. In fact, Masada's eighth album has a few of my favorite Masada tracks on it. The drum feature "Amarin" has a head which features some incredibly spiky rhythms, Abed-Nego slowly builds from a forlorn opening by the horns to a great jazz groove, and the upbeat klezmer tune "Tohorot" features some of the Masada's most intense playing. Yet another excellent series of additions to the Masada repertoire. This is one of my favorite Masada albums, right next to Tet.

John Zorn: alto sax
Dave Douglas: trumpet
Greg Cohen: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded at Avatar, NYC on August 1, 1996

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