Midbar 6:20
Mahlah 8:19
Zenan 3:57

Originally only issued in a special offer, the Dalet EP used to be one of Zorn's hardest to find discs. You had to have bought the first three Masada discs, and you received the fourth one as a reward. Disc Union now offers Dalet as a regular album. The price is sometimes comparable to other Masada albums ($18-21). Considering the limited amount of material, the choice is tough. Personally I think these are three of Masada's best tracks and are definitely worth getting. Midbar is one of my all time favorite tracks, a dense, funky piece that uses odd time signatures, and a friend of mine bought the CD just for Zenan, the intense Joey Baron feature that closes out the album. Whether this is worth the import price is up to you.

John Zorn: alto sax
Dave Douglas: trumpet
Greg Cohen: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded at RPM, NYC on February 20, 1994

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