M   A   S   A   D   A
Ruach 4:07
Kilayim 3:22
Taltalim 6:46
Hashmal 3:29
Tevel 5:49
Segulah 5:32
Yechida 7:49
Tzalim 3:21
Nashim 4:39
Abrakala 14:28
Zevul 2:16

Masada's final album opens with Ruach, a classic Zorn Masada piece. Zorn and Dave play an ear piercing screech over a spiky Joey Drum rhythm. Unfortunately Yechida, which was done so brilliantly by Anthony Coleman on Bar Kokhba is a little dissapointing here. It doesn't possess the same exquisite loneliness of Anthony Coleman's version. However, the quiet and tender Tzalim and the stately and ominous Abrakala make up for this.

John Zorn: alto sax
Dave Douglas: trumpet
Greg Cohen: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded at Avatar, NYC on September 15, 1997

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