M   A   S   A   D   A
Jair 4:53
Bith Aneth 6:24
Tzofeh 5:13
Tahah 5:40
Kanan 7:26
Delin 1:54
Zebdi 2:45
Idalah-Abal 6:15
Zelah 3:48

Although there are many excellent tracks here, Masada's first album might be worth getting simply for Idalah-Abal, a slow and ominous ballad which is one of the most beautiful things Zorn has ever written. It has been by every Zorn group, and also appears on the Live in Jerusalem album, but the version here is by far the best. Bith Aneth, Ashnah, Tahah and Zebdi have all gone on to become regular parts of the Masada repertoire, and chances are if you've seen them live , you've heard one of those songs.

John Zorn: alto sax
Dave Douglas: trumpet
Greg Cohen: bass
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded at RPM, NYC on February 20, 1994

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